Breakout is open to all in school years 10 to 13.

At Easter we are also joined by the year 9's. We meet together in the week as well as on Sunday mornings. 

Day: Thursdays during term time 
Time: 7.30-9.30pm
Place: The Lounge at St Andrew's Church

We meet on a Thursday in the Lounge and begin by enjoying a time of hanging out and eating food. For the remainder of the evening we spend time worshipping God and praying for one another, often led by the Holy Spirit. We also have Biblically based teaching which is relevant to our lives. We provide space for the young people to encounter God for themselves and encourage them to share any words or pictures they receive from the Lord. 

The first Thursday of every month we share a meal together hosted by a member of the church. This is a great opportunity to hang out socially as a group and also get to meet different people in the church family. 


Time: 10.30am

Place: The Lounge at St Andrew's Church 
We have recently started a new group for school years 9 to 13 on a Sunday morning, which meets in the Lounge alongside the Acts age group. All ages start together in the service and then the children and young people leave for their age appropriate groups around 10.45am. Once in the lounge we share breakfast all together and enjoy catching up. We then have teaching based on characters, topics or books in the Bible, which is delivered to the whole group in an engaging way. We then split into small groups based on age to discuss the topic further and pray together. As a group we seek to pursue God with our whole lives and encourage each other along the way.

We also want to be connected to the wider Church so occasionally we will remain in the service to listen to the sermon. There are also opportunities to serve the church on the children's and hospitality team. We also encourage Breakout to attend the evening service which starts at 6.30pm.