St Andrew's Youth

Here you can find out a bit more about who's who, what's going on and where, and you can even get in touch too!

We have two main groups – Acts and Breakout. Acts is for school years 7 to 9, and Breakout for school years 10 to 13. Check the links to find out more. 


We want to be a group of love and hunger.


Love, because God loves us, and wants us to know it. He also wants us to love Him, so we learn to do that too. We also want to love each other because God made us to be that way. We also want to love our community, and know how to share the love of Jesus with them, whoever they may be, because God loves our community.

Hunger, because God wants us to be hungry for His presence, as we believe God loves to be amongst His people, and hunger for the Kingdom of Heaven (basically God in control and His way of doing things) to impact our family, friends and town.

Come and get involved on this adventure with us.