TiE Group

A TiE group consists of three friends who decide to pray, grow study and serve together. ‘By yourself you’re unprotected. With friends you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped’ Ecclesiastes 4:12 (The Message). TiE’s are intended to go on an ‘Inward Journey’ of spiritual transformation and an ‘Outward Journey’ of serving others.

Ideally a Tie Group should meet once a week for 30 - 60 minutes. The group should spend the time for example sharing what’s happening in their lives, praying for each other, discussing the bible and encouraging each other to be missional in their daily lives or at work.


TG Wendy Testimony

Here are some Missional ideas that have worked for other TiE groups

  • Get to know your neighbours better by inviting them round for tea or lunch.

  • Pray at work for your colleagues.

  • Disciple or mentor a new Christian or a seeker.

  • Organise a bible study in your local cafe.

        'Let your light shine for all to see' Isaiah 60:1 (NLT)

For more information on how to start a TiE Group, when and where to meet your TiE group, and any other question you may have please download ‘The Tie Group Information Pack’ or contact Nicky Selby by email or phone on 01923 447111.

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