The role of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the following :

  • Support the vicar in carrying out the mission of the church

  • Represent church members

  • Act as Charity trustees – a legal role

  • Involvement in leadership of the church, reflecting the biblical model of leadership

  • Part of the role is to represent church members. So do feel free to approach any PCC member to discuss an issue.

For further information on the role of individuals click here
Click here to see the current PCC & Deanery Synod members.

List of 2017 Meetings:

  • March 27th (PCC)
  • April 24th (Standing Committee)
  • April 26th APCM (Including the commissioning of the new PCC)
  • May 13th (Saturday) (PCC)
  • May 22nd (Standing Committee)
  • June 19th (Standing Committee)
  • July 3rd (PCC)
  • July 17th (Standing Committee)
  • September 18th (Standing Committee)
  • October 2nd (PCC)
  • October 16th (Standing Committee)
  • November 13th (Standing Committee)
  • November 27th (PCC)
  • December 4th (Standing Committee) (Provisional date)