What is a LIFEGROUP?

A LIFEGROUP meets regularly in the home of one its members in and around Chorleywood.  They are led by members of the congregation and are at the heart of St Andrews church life.

LIFEGROUPS are an ideal place for you to grow as a disciple of Jesus and become involved in every aspect of the church’s life and mission.

How do I join a LIFEGROUP?

•    Have a look at our different LIFEGROUPS below.
•    Talk with Nicky Selby on 01923 447111 or by email.

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Afternoon Group       

Afternoon Group

When: Wednesday 2.30pm
Where: Chorleywood
Purpose: Mutual support & encouragement, outreach and bible study


Diana & Roger Bird

When: Wednesday 8pm
Where: Chorleywood
Purpose: To study God’s word and support members in prayer


Cliff & Kathy Hinde

When: Wednesday 8.30pm
Where: Chorleywood, Hillingdon &
The Chalfonts
Purpose: To explore celtic spirituality and bless and affirm others as guided by the Holy Spirit



Phillipa  Ruth
James  Dilly

Ruth Horsman, Phillipa Maddox, Dilly & James McKechnie

When: Wednesday 8pm (Term Time only)
Where: Quickley Lane, Chorleywood
Purpose: Deepening our relationship with Jesus in worship, prayer & bible study.




Richard & Julie Martin

When: Wednesday 8.00-9.45pm
Where: Chorleywood
Purpose: Growing together in faith through worship, Bible study, prayer, outreach and social events.



Les & Ruth Palmer

When: Thursday 8.00pm (every other week)
Where: Little Chalfont
Purpose: Prayer, Fellowship, Study, Ministry, Food/Drink & Fun.

Jenny Thornton  Julie Gwyther  


Jenny Thornton & Julie Gwyther

When: Wednesday 8pm
Where: Lower Road, Chorleywood
Purpose: Support & encourage each other. Study the word and pray.

Olive Vale  


Olive Vale

When: Wednesday 8pm
Where: Berks Hill, Chorleywood
Purpose: Fellowship and Bible Study.



When: Wednesday 8pm
Where: Quickley Lane, Chorleywood
Purpose: We are a community seeking to
encourage not only our generation but the
whole church. We want to grow in faith,
do life together  and see the Kingdom of
God in every aspect of life. We also have
socials and go to the Pub on Sundays after
church. Come and join us !